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1. Ability To Customize Pallet Patterns To Meet Customer Needs.

2. Robust And Reliable Construction For Long-Term Use.

3. High-Speed Palletizing With Minimal Downtime.

4. Easy-To-Use Interface For Quick Setup And No Programming Needed

5. Automated Palletizing With Minimal Human Intervention.

6. Adjustable Gripper Arm For Loading And Unloading Of Objects.

7. High Accuracy Rate For Optimal Palletizing Results.


Item Name Cobot Palletizer Cobot Palletizer Cobot Palletizer
Item No. WSC-RP210 WSC-RP240 WSC-RP240P
Palletizing Height 2100mm(Including Pallet) 2400mm(Including Pallet) 2400mm(Including Pallet)
Speed Up to 12CPM 12CPM 12CPM
Max Load 30KG 16KG 20KG
Power Supply 200-240V   50/60Hz 200-240V   50/60Hz 200-240V   50/60Hz
Power 3.5KW 3.5KW 3.5KW
Air Comsumption 400NL/MIN 400NL/MIN 400NL/MIN
Protection IP54 IP54 IP54
Temperature Range 0-55ºC 0-55ºC 0-55ºC
Base style: Lifting Base Lifting Base Lifting Base
Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Motor Panosonic Panosonic Panosonic
Drive Panosonic Panosonic Panosonic
Communication Type EtherCAT EtherCAT EtherCAT
Control/PLC Keba Keba Keba
HMI Keba Keba Keba
Reducer Nidec/Laifu Nidec/Laifu Nidec/Laifu
Specification 3950*1724mm 3950*1724mm 3950*1724mm
Pallet Working Radius 1700mm 1900mm 1900mm
Pallet Size 1250*1250mm 1250*1250mm 1250*1250mm
Positioning Accuracy ±0.04mm ±0.04mm ±0.04mm
Available Safety Guarding Safety Fence/Light Curtain/Area Scanner Safety Fence/Light Curtain/Area Scanner Safety Fence/Light Curtain/Area Scanner

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Warsonco Robotic Palletizer
Wasronco Robotic Palletizer 3-3

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